Why You Need A Flexible Domestic Cleaning Service

If you are looking for a domestic cleaning service, it is likely that your life has changed, and you are either too busy or you do not want to complete your weekly house clean. Modern lifestyles are ever busier and more hectic, you need to find a flexible cleaning company that can step in and meet your cleaning requirements as they develop.

At Swissmaid, we pride ourselves on being able to meet ever-changing client requirements with our range of cleaning services. Whether you require a regular domestic cleaning service or a one-off oven cleaning service or carpet cleaning service, we are ready to help you.

Flexible Domestic Cleaning

Our domestic cleaning service can take care of every aspect of cleaning your home at a frequency that suits you. We offer a weekly and fortnightly service for a minimum of 2 hours. You can change the frequency of your cleaning service if you require an extra visit by providing us with adequate notice.

While our service frequency is flexible, we like to ensure that you have a familiar face to do your cleaning wherever possible. We believe that providing a regular cleaner that you can get to know and trust is the best way to consistently deliver a flexible and friendly service.

Flexible Oven Cleaning

Maintaining a sparkling oven at all times is not always easy. It is a time consuming and rarely enjoyed task that we can easily take care of. As the weather continues to improve, you may find that you are due visits from your family and friends and your oven cleaning can catch you off-guard.

We always try to accommodate any last-minute requests for oven cleaning where possible. You can rest assured that you will not be disappointed after your oven is clean by one of our trained oven cleaning technicians. We use premium oven cleaning materials and a safe and non-hazardous process that we have perfected with our many years of experience.

Flexible Carpet Cleaning           

Carpets can often be overlooked during the wider cleaning process, yet they are subjected to a significant level of use and dirt in a normal household. Our trained carpet cleaning technicians will work to transform your carpets with our safe environmentally friendly process.

Our carpet cleaning service is flexible in that it is suitable for every household and it is completely safe for children and pets. The safe environmentally friendly process that we use allows us to provide a safety assurance to all our customers so there is no excuse not to have your carpets cleaned by us. We will not leave any fibres untouched when we clean your carpets.

Swissmaid’s Flexible Domestic Cleaning Services Can Help

Swissmaid can provide flexible domestic cleaning services that take care of all your domestic cleaning requirements. We have been serving clients in Andover, Winchester and Newbury since 2001. Our cleaning services have been rated 9.91/10 from over 260 reviews on Checkatrade.

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