Twelve Days Of Christmas Cleaning

In the run-up to Christmas, you’re probably thinking a lot about presents, parties and food. A lot of effort goes into making Christmas perfect for the whole family, as parents strive to tick off everything on their children’s wish lists and the pressure is on to get the Christmas dinner ready in time. This year, Swissmaid is offering up twelve Christmas cleaning tips to help you get your home ready for the festivities.

Day One: Declutter Your Home

De-clutter your home before the influx of gifts, guests and decorations arrives. Throughout the year, clutter builds up around the home. From old magazines to coats and shoes left lying about, clutter gets in the way when you actually need to make extra room to accommodate the Christmas tree, extra guests and the gifts they bring with them. You may want to have a general clear out as well as a tidy up to get rid of any broken and unwanted items before Christmas so that you can make room for new things.

Day Two: Invest In Some Clever Storage Solutions

Invest in some clever storage solutions for your hallway to reduce the amount of clutter generated by shoes, coats and bags belonging to visitors. Your guests will feel more at home if they have somewhere to store their belongings whilst they enjoy Christmas with you. Storage boxes are very useful and are available in a variety of sizes, colours and styles and they can be packed away when not in use.

Day Three: Give Christmas Decorations A Rinse

Give Christmas decorations a rinse before putting them up to reduce the amount of dust and dirt in your home. Decorations can gather a lot of dust when stored in the loft all year, so it is worth rinsing and drying them before putting them up. This will not only keep your home cleaner, but will also stop your decorations from looking tired and dreary.

Day Four: Dust Your Home

Dust your home before putting the decorations up. Take the opportunity to give your home a thorough dust before putting the Christmas decorations up, so that everything looks refreshed for the festive period. It will also give you less work to do in the long run when you are busy making preparations. Remember to dust any ornaments, photo frames, light fittings and surfaces to give your home a really thorough clean.

Day Five: Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Get your carpets professionally cleaned. Christmas brings with it a constant stream of guests, and this takes its toll on your carpet. Before the festive period begins, book a professional carpet clean with Swissmaid. We use hypoallergic, environmentally friendly products to clean your carpet safely and effectively, so you have one less thing to worry about this Christmas.

Day Six: Consider Getting A Dehumidifier

Consider getting a dehumidifier. Homes can get very damp in winter, and the vapour produced by cooking and drying laundry indoors as well as having lots of people in the house can make the problem worse. Damp homes are more susceptible to mould, which is unsightly and has been linked to health problems. Damp homes can also be more difficult to heat, so it is worth considering purchasing a dehumidifier if you find that your home is particularly humid.

Day Seven: Have Plenty Of Rubbish Bags

Have plenty of rubbish bags available for the disposal of wrapping paper, tags, packaging and other little pieces of rubbish so they don’t end up strewn all over the floor. It’s much easier to sort rubbish into recycling and general waste then gather the bags up than it is to pick everything up off the floor at the end of the day. Collecting and disposing of rubbish as you go prevents it from piling up and becoming an annoyance.

Day Eight: Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Deep clean your kitchen before the festivities begin so it is ready for dinner parties, buffets, lunches and the all-important Christmas dinner. Disinfect all the worktops and the fridge and clean any other appliances you are likely to use. Doing all of this in advance means you will save yourself the hassle of descaling the coffee machine on Christmas morning!

Day Nine: Get Your Oven Professionally Cleaned

Get your oven professionally cleaned. Of all your kitchen appliances, your oven will work the hardest over the festive period. Book an oven clean with Swissmaid and have your oven cleaned by a trained professional. We clean all types of oven, and our environmentally friendly cleaning process will leave your oven sparkling and ready for the heavy festive workload.

Day Ten: Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Deep clean your bathroom. Christmas brings with it a lot of visitors, and therefore you will want to ensure your bathroom is spotless. It is worth giving it a deep clean before the festive period begins. Wipe down the tiles, and clean the shower screen and mirrors with a glass cleaner. It may also be worth making a space for overnight guests to store their toiletries.

Day Eleven: Give Guest Bedrooms A Refresh

Give guest bedrooms a refresh with new bed linen and towels. Your guest bedroom may be used primarily as an extra storage space for most of the year, but with guests staying over at Christmas (sometimes unexpectedly), it’s a good idea to give them a new lease of life. New bed linen and towels are an inexpensive way of making a bedroom more welcoming to guests, and it may be worth clearing out a couple of drawers for them to use.

Day Twelve: Polish Your Best Tableware

Polish your best tableware to give it an extra shine. You will probably want to bring out your finest plates, glasses and cutlery for the big day. If so, then you might find that it has gathered dust and lost its shine whilst being in storage at the back of the cupboard all year. In that case, clean anything you intend to use beforehand so you avoid rushing to get everything spotless for your guests.

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