Things To Consider When Choosing A Cleaner

When you are choosing a cleaner, there are multiple factors to consider. The cleaner that you choose will be spending a significant amount of time in your home. Therefore, it is important that you are able to trust them and that you have confidence in their ability and capacity to clean your home.

In our article, we outline some factors that you should consider when choosing a domestic cleaner.

1) Find A Cleaner That You Can Trust

Finding a cleaner that you trust is not always easy. In some cases you may try to find someone that you know. However, this is not always possible and in many cases you will trust the selection of your cleaner to a domestic cleaning agency.

A good domestic cleaning company will have a stringent process in place to ensure that their cleaners are trustworthy and reputable. At Swissmaid UK, all our cleaners are vetted and CRB checked before they start carrying out any cleaning. Our comprehensive vetting process ensures that we have taken every practical step to select trustworthy cleaners for our clients.

In addition to our vetting process, we always visit our clients before any cleaning services start. This ensures that the activities of the cleaning service are agreed in advance.

2) Confirm That They Are Insured

It is vital that any cleaner that you engage is insured. While many people would expect insurance to be in place, this is not always the case. Insurance is essential to protect you in the unlikely event that your cleaner accidentally damages any of your household items.

Clients of Swissmaid can rest assured that we hold full public liability insurance to cover all our cleaning services and cleaners. You can be confident that we are covered in the event of an accident. Our public liability insurance has been verified by Checkatrade with a £1,000,000 level of cover.


3) Seek Client Reviews And References

In many cases it is easy to find a cleaner but far less easy to find a cleaner that is consistently competent. Client reviews and references are a great way to confirm that a cleaner is capable and competent.

Where possible, try to find reviews that have been independently verified by a third party. Checkatrade is one of the leading websites for checking the reputation of trades people. Every member gives out a feedback card with each job that they complete. Checkatrade then collect this feedback and publish it on the company’s behalf.

Swissmaid have been a Checkatrade member for over four years. In order to become a recognised member we have undergone strict background checks and agreed to meet the Checkatrade standard.

This standard includes a number of conditions that we have agreed to, including that we will ‘be honest in all dealings with you’ and ‘keep you in the picture about all aspects of the work’.

During our Checkatrade membership, we have attained a 9.91/10 rating from over 220 reviews. Our rating is testament to our commitment to providing professional and reliable cleaning services.

4) Consider Their Availability To Provide Holiday And Sickness Cover

It is inevitable that your regular cleaner will want to go on holiday or may be unwell and therefore is unable to carry out your cleaning. If you have engaged an individual cleaner or small cleaning agency it is unlikely that they will be able to find and arrange an alterative cleaner to cover the absence of your regular cleaner.

At Swissmaid we always endeavour to provide an alterative cleaner for our clients when their regular cleaner is away or ill. By providing an alternative cleaner, in many cases we can make sure that you are not left without a cleaner. This is possible in almost all cases when your regular cleaner is going on holiday and in most cases in the event of sickness.

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