Our Oven Cleaning Tips

Oven cleaning can be an arduous task. It is highly unlikely to be at the top of anyone’s priority list, but it is nonetheless an essential task in order to maintain food hygiene and general cleanliness. This article offers a few oven cleaning tips to help you make your oven sparkle without the fuss.

Preparation is Key

Before you begin cleaning your oven, place several sheets of newspaper on the floor in front of the oven. Put on some rubber gloves and wear an apron or some old clothes. Oven cleaning can be a very messy task so taking a few minutes to dirt-proof yourself and the immediate area will save you a lot of hassle.

It is also very important to consider health and safety when cleaning your oven. Open windows for ventilation and refrain from using the oven for as long as possible after cleaning it. This will help the fumes created by the cleaning product to escape and prevent them from contaminating any food you cook in your oven.

Switch the oven off and avoid using cleaning products on any heating elements or the fan to prevent damage to them.

Use a Specialist Oven Cleaning Product

Oven cleaning products are widely available and many come as kits along with re-sealable plastic bags to clean the oven racks in. If you are reluctant to use chemicals, you can make your own paste with baking soda, some water and vinegar.

It is also wise to have some cleaning instruments dedicated to cleaning your oven with. A toothbrush is useful for getting the dirt out of hard-to-reach places and a scraper can be used to remove stubborn burnt-on dirt. A sponge with a hard-wearing scrubbing surface and a microfibre cloth are also very useful to have handy for lifting dirt away from the oven and wiping it down without causing damage.

Five Steps To A Clean Oven

  1. Remove the shelves and clean them separately using oven cleaner and re-sealable plastic bags.
  2. Remove large clumps of food residue with a scraper to make the cleaning product more effective and speed up the process.
  3. Clean the interior using the oven cleaner using a brush to spread the product over the bottom, door and sides (but avoid the elements).
  4. Close the oven door and give the solution at least 30 minutes to get to work.
  5. Scrub the oven using a brush or sponge to lift away the dirt and grease.
  6. Wipe the oven down using a cloth until all the dirt and cleaning solution have been removed.

Keep Your Oven Clean

Regularly spot cleaning your oven will help prevent it from snowballing into a huge job. Remove the shelves and clean them regularly and clear up spillages as soon as it is safe to do so to prevent them from being burnt on through repeated re-heating.

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