Our Guide To Christmas Gift Wrapping

You have picked the perfect gifts for each of your loved ones: your partner, your mum, dad, sister, brother, and maybe even your pets. The presents are hidden away in various cupboards and under the bed, concealed in carrier bags so the surprises are kept until the big day. However, Christmas gift-wrapping is often a task left until the very last minute – possibly even until the night before! You wrestle with vast reams of wrapping paper and spend forever finding the end of the tape, and by the end of it you can’t help but feel a little disappointed. You spent so much time and care looking for the perfect gift, so surely it should be presented accordingly? Some department stores offer luxury gift-wrapping services, but this can be expensive. This month’s blog will show you how to add the luxury touch to any gift, without breaking the bank.

Choose a Theme

Traditional or modern? Sparkly or rustic? Green, red and gold or silver and purple? There are a number of themes you can choose from to help you select your gift-wrapping materials. It will help you to keep your costs down, because you will know what you are on the lookout for and what you don’t need. It will also make it much easier to choose your materials so they all go together without clashing. The important thing here is to just choose one theme and keep things simple!

It is very easy to create a traditional look by using lots of tartan, and using red, green and gold. Look for wrapping paper that uses traditional patterns, such as deer, toy soldiers or calligraphy. For a more modern look, shiny, sparkly or metallic silver and purple complement each other very well and look surprisingly festive. If you are looking to go for a rustic theme, try using patterned kraft paper with brown twine. Use wrapping paper that features foliage, such as holly, evergreen sprigs and pinecones to add some colour.

Gift Bags and Boxes

They may be a bit more expensive than using wrapping paper, but gift bags and boxes are a fantastic way of presenting those awkward-shaped presents. Shoes, glassware, jewellery and soft toys can be presented beautifully using a suitably sized gift box lined with some tissue paper. Gift boxes are available in a vast range of sizes and styles, and can be bought from card shops as well as pop-up Christmas shops. Fragile presents are also less likely to break if they are placed in a box.

Tissue paper and Cellophane

Tissue paper is a cheap and easy way of wrapping those awkward-shaped presents. It is also a fantastic way of wrapping smaller stocking fillers as it is not a rigid as generic wrapping paper and won’t look so creased. You may need to use a couple of layers of tissue paper as it is more likely to tear, or you could wrap cellophane over the tissue paper to make it more durable.

There are many ways to use tissue paper. For example, some toiletry sets do not come encased in a plastic box, leaving awkward bits jutting out (such as the pump on a bottle of hand cream). Simply place the gift in the centre of a sheet of tissue paper or cellophane, then gather the material up around the gift and secure the paper using tape in a bunch above the gift – it will look a bit like a Christmas cracker from the top. If you’re worried about the tape looking messy, simply wrap a ribbon or some traditional twine around the gift and secure with a bow to conceal the tape.

What about those little last-minute stocking fillers? Very small gifts such as socks may not seem so indulgent when wrapped on their own, but there are ways to incorporate them with other gifts so they are a pleasant surprise for the recipient. For example, you may have purchased a new pair of shoes or some luxury slippers for a loved one, and bought a couple of pairs of socks as a last-minute gift. Take each pair of socks out of the box and roll each pair individually. Wrap them in a layer of tissue paper and place one pair in each shoe or slipper, then wrap the shoes or slippers as you usually would.

When your loved one opens their main gift, they will be greeted by an additional surprise! Likewise, you could also try wrapping items of makeup or jewellery in tissue paper before placing them in a handbag or makeup bag, then wrapping that up as you usually would.

Decoration and Trimmings

So, you have lovingly wrapped your Christmas gifts in beautiful, co-ordinated wrapping paper, tissue paper, cellophane and boxes, but they still look a little plain and are lacking the luxury touch.

Try using ribbon, bows, gift tags and other little trinkets to add the final touch to your gifts. Select trimmings that coincide with your chosen theme. A ribbon tied in a bow is an easy way of making plain rectangular packages look stunning. You can also attach small bells, baubles or other small Christmas tree decorations to the present to give it that luxury look. Brown baler-twine style string is a cheap and effective way of giving your presents a rustic look.

Run Out Of Paper?

We have all been in the annoying situation where we have misjudged the amount of paper required to wrap a present. Try as we might, we just cannot get the paper to cover the gift completely, and we end up wasting the paper and starting again. However, with just a little bit of creativity, you can combine two different wrapping paper patterns to cover the present completely. For example, you could combine some tartan paper with plain red or green paper, or purple metallic paper with silver paper. Then, cover the seam where the two patterns overlap using a ribbon.

DIY Hampers

Hampers are becoming increasingly popular as Christmas presents. They are beautifully presented and some can be customised to include specific items for a personal touch. However, hampers can be expensive and there are limits as to how far they can be customised to reflect the recipient’s tastes and interests.

Making your own Christmas hamper is a cost-effective and thoughtful way of showing your loved ones how much you care. For the coffee lover, try packing a selection of luxury ground coffee for them to try, as well as some small accessories such as a stencil and a chocolate shaker for the perfect cappuccino! For the foodie, you could include a selection of artisan jams and preserves, luxury chocolate, oils and dressings or even their favourite wine.

You could do the same with luxury toiletries as well as more specific interests. For example, the gardener in your life would love a hamper made up of gardening gloves, assorted packs of seeds to grow in the garden and a small book about gardening.

For the ultimate football fan, you could include some merchandise from their favourite team and, if you’re feeling extra generous, some tickets to an upcoming game! The possibilities really are endless when it comes to making your own Christmas hamper and it is probably the most effective way of giving your gifts the personal touch.

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