Keep Your Home Clean In 2019

The New Year is a time when many of us take a moment to review our lives and make changes. Many people make resolutions to bring about positive changes in their career, relationships, hobbies or lifestyle. But what about your home?

Domestic tasks take up a lot of time that could be better spent doing other things. This blog offers three simple tips that will help you keep your home cleaner throughout the year, so you can spend more time working towards your goals.

Clean Little And Often

It is all too easy to procrastinate with cleaning your home. After all, it is hardly the most exciting thing you could be doing. It is no surprise that you would rather spend your evening doing something you enjoy than scrubbing the bathroom tiles. However, leaving your cleaning until it gets desperate only makes the task even more demoralising. You may be tempted to think “I haven’t got time to clean now – I’ll do it at the weekend when I have more time”, but come the weekend, you feel no more motivated to clean than you did before! Besides, most people’s weekends are precious to them and you might as well spend the time with family or enjoying your hobbies. Instead, try doing a little bit of cleaning a few times a week so it does not become a mammoth task.

Give your home a quick dust a few times a week, covering the main surfaces such as tables and shelves as well as any large ornaments. It is surprising how much cleaner the whole room can look even after a quick dust. It is important to dust regularly to help prevent breathing problems and avoid aggravating existing ones.

Do not allow dishes and dirty laundry to pile up. Instead, keep the amount of washing to be done to a manageable level by doing it throughout the day. For example, wash and pack away any dirty dishes before you start cooking in the evening so there are fewer dishes to do later on. If you have a dishwasher, remember to unload it once the cycle has finished so it is ready for the next load.

Keep The Clutter At Bay

Cleaning is much quicker when you have fewer items to clean! Most of us have a lot of possessions – trinkets bought on holiday, gifts from friends and family and sentimental items that we may have inherited. These things are what make a home our home, and we wouldn’t want to simply discard them. Instead, try arranging items in a way that doesn’t clutter your home or make it awkward to clean.

For example, having fewer items on a shelf makes it quicker to clean, and minimises the chance of anything getting broken in the process! Try rotating what you have on display every so often, so you can keep the things you love without having to clean all of them at once.

Perhaps more importantly, keep on top of items that are essentially rubbish, such as old newspapers and magazines and practically empty toiletry bottles. Cleaning the bath is much easier when you do not have to move a dozen bottles of shampoo before you get started!

Make sure important items such as documents are kept in a secure place, such as a box at the back of the wardrobe, instead of being stacked up next to the sofa or in the kitchen. It is all too easy to accidentally throw away that vital reference number or confirmation letter when you are in a hurry to tidy up!

Consider Hiring a Professional Domestic Cleaner

Perhaps you have other things you want to achieve in 2019, such as taking up a new hobby or starting your own business? Maybe the only thing holding you back is the lack of time in which to do it? If so, why not enlist the help of a domestic cleaning agency to keep your home clean in 2019?

Swissmaid is a professional domestic cleaning agency, and our cleaners are fully insured and trained to clean your home. We also offer specialist oven cleaning and carpet cleaning. We provide a friendly and flexible service, and all our cleaners are CRB checked for your peace of mind.

Swissmaid has been cleaning homes since 2001, covering Winchester, Andover, Newbury and surrounding areas. Contact Swissmaid today to enquire about our professional domestic cleaning services, and take the first step towards spending your free time doing the things you really want to do in 2019.