How To Declutter Your Home

Cleaning, although important, is only part of the battle when it comes to keeping your home in good condition. Clutter can make a home look and feel disorderly and it can prevent you from being able to fully unwind and appreciate your surroundings. Sometimes, however, de-cluttering can seem like an insurmountable task. This article offers some useful tips for de-cluttering your home.


Bathrooms are much smaller in size than the other rooms in the house, yet they easily get overcrowded with various lotions surrounding the bath and occupying every available surface. Having too many ornaments and other objects lying around makes it easy to knock something over, creating more mess that you will then need to clean up.

Try going around the bathroom and disposing of any toiletries that are empty or old, then put the rest away in the bathroom cupboards where they can’t be seen but are easily accessible.

Installing a rack in the shower ensures your favourite shower essentials are right where you need them without being in the way. To keep your bathroom clutter-free, keep the number of bottles on display to a minimum and when you’re in the supermarket take a moment to think about whether you actually need more shower gel or shampoo.

Bathrooms need to be highly functional rooms. They are used heavily by all family members as well as guests, so they need to be hassle-free and easy to use. Having too many ornaments and bottles lying around makes it easy to knock something over.


Like bathrooms, kitchens are equally functional as they are used so frequently and they also need to be kept hygienic. Kitchen counters quickly become crowded with utensils and appliances, with the cupboards full to bursting with mismatched saucepans, a multitude of baking trays and a toasted sandwich maker you haven’t used since the start of the millennium.

Go through the cupboards and see if you have any items you no longer use. If they’re still in good condition then many charity shops will gladly take them. Only have the essentials on the counter tops to give you more workspace and make them easier to clean. 

Living Room

Living rooms and hallways can sometimes be the most cluttered rooms in the home. Shoes, bags, toys, junk mail and even too much furniture can make living rooms and hallways feel claustrophobic.

Try going around and tidying away anything that doesn’t have to be out. Pack shoes and bags away under the stairs or on a shoe rack and recycle junk mail as soon as it arrives. It could also be worth buying an ottoman to keep toys and books in.

If your home is becoming overcrowded with too much furniture, it might be time to have a clear out. Charity shops will sometimes send a van to your home to collect any unwanted furniture for free, so this could be a good way of opening up some floor space.


Bedrooms are easily cluttered with laundry and personal belongings. To tidy up the bedrooms, pack away clothes, shoes and bags and make the bed up so that it looks neat.

Keeping the floor clear makes it easier to vacuum and helps reduce dust. Also, tidy away anything that’s cluttering up your bedside tables. This will make them easier to dust, as there will be fewer items in the way.


The study is another room that can get very untidy. Even in the age of digital technology, documents and files can take up a lot of space and end up being stacked up on the desk and the floor.

Regularly go through any paperwork you have lying around and either file or recycle it. Put away books and stationary – you can purchase desktop storage solutions such as pen holders and letter trays to help you keep your desk organised.

Make Light Work of the Cleaning with Swissmaid

Keeping your home clutter-free is much easier when tidying is done regularly. Reducing the amount of clutter in your home makes it easier to clean so you can sit back and enjoy your home.

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