How Our Move Out Cleaning Service Can Help You Keep Your Deposit

Moving out of a property is inevitably a stressful experience. The need to organise the removal, sort belongings and inform a whole host of companies that you have changed address makes for a stressful and overwhelming few weeks. Amongst all the hassle of moving house, it is all too easy to delay or overlook the move out cleaning.

If you are moving out of a rented property you should have a protected deposit that will be released if the property is given back to your landlord in an acceptable state. In the event that the property is returned to your landlord in a less than acceptable state, they will seek to make deductions from your deposit for any costs that they incur to restore the property to the condition that it was in when you moved into the property.

Cleaning is a common reason cited by landlords for making a deduction from or withholding the deposit. The Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme has found that 78% of estate agents and landlords reported that cleaning costs was the most common reason for making a deduction from a tenant’s deposit.

Carpet cleaning is a common cause of tenancy deposit disputes, due to the subjective nature of what is clean and what is not: Your landlord may expect your carpets to be cleaned to a professional standard when you return your property to them. If your carpet was professionally cleaned before you moved in they will expect it to be cleaned to this standard when you move out.

Oven cleaning is another common deduction from deposits. Landlords are entitled to charge you for cleaning the oven if you return it in a less clean state than it was when you moved into the property. If the oven was professionally cleaned before the start of your tenancy, they are likely to expect that it is cleaned to the same standard when you move out.

In order to protect your deposit, why not pre-empt cleaning deductions and use our move out cleaning service?

Our Move Out Cleaning Service

By contacting us well in advance of your move out date, we can ensure that all the necessary cleaning tasks are completed in time. Whether you require straightforward domestic cleaning or additional services such as carpet cleaning and oven cleaning, we are ready to help.

As an experienced end of tenancy cleaning company that carries out move out cleans for property landlords and tenants, we are well placed to meet the exacting standards that your landlord may have.

Benefits Of Our Move Out Cleaning Service

It’s Checkout Requirement Compliant

Our move out cleaning service complies with landlord inventory checkout requirements. You can rest assured that we will take care of the cleaning requirements stated in your tenancy agreement.

We Use Professional Cleaning Staff

Our cleaning services are completed by professional and insured cleaning staff. Expect a first class service delivered by experienced CRB checked cleaners. Our service is also backed by our dedicated client care program.

Can Include Carpet And Oven Cleaning

Our trained carpet and oven cleaning technicians are ready to help clean the carpets and oven in your rented property. These services can be included as part of a bespoke move out cleaning service.

Protect Your Deposit By Arranging A Move Out Clean By Swissmaid

We are ready to help you avoid deposit deductions due to cleaning. Contact us today to arrange your free quote.

Find out more about our move out cleaning service today.

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