Cleaning For Christmas – Be Ready For Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018 is fast approaching: Soon our attention will turn to presents, parties and preparing the all-important Christmas Dinner. The festive season is also likely to bring a number of important cleaning tasks to your attention.

Whether you are celebrating Christmas with your family, extended family or friends, you will want to make sure that your home is ready. In our blog, we suggest how you can prepare for the upcoming festive season.

Clear Your House Of Clutter

Christmas brings a large amount of clutter to your Home with presents, wrapping and Christmas food taking over many of your rooms. If you approach Christmas with non-seasonal clutter around it will be much more difficult to clean as the festivities approach.

The rooms that require the most attention in your home are your kitchen, living room and dining room as they are most likely to be used extensively throughout Christmas.

Start by tiding away any items from the summer that you will not need such as summer drinks bottles and electric fans. After clearing your summer items look for ornaments that you could pack away. Try to make use of cupboards and shelves throughout your home to make sure that any clutter that you do have is not on the floor.

Thoroughly Clean Your House

Once you have tackled your clutter, it is time to take care of the cleaning. As you are likely to host more people in your Home over the festive period, you will need to complete cleaning tasks that may not be part of your weekly or fortnightly clean. Tasks such as a thorough dust of rooms that you do not regularly use, cleaning hard floors and thoroughly cleaning your kitchen cupboards will all stand you in good stead for Christmas.

If you have a regular cleaner that looks after your home, you might want to consider increasing their hours to allow time for these extra tasks to be completed.

Time can be even more precious in the weeks before Christmas. If you need a helping hand with your cleaning, we are ready to help. Our vetted cleaners can take care of your cleaning so you don’t have to.

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Prepare Your Oven

Christmas can be a testing time for your oven; with all the extra cooking it is important that it is ready for the demands of the festive season. You will need to clean your oven doors, racks, shelves and liners at a minimum. It is also recommended that the rear panel, fan blade, bottom and sides, exterior panels, knobs, dials and buttons are tackled at the same time.

If you want to have a sparklingly clean oven ready for Christmas, let Swissmaid take care of your oven cleaning. You will experience the Swissmaid difference. Our oven cleaning technicians will use a combination of premium oven cleaning materials and our specialist oven cleaning know-how to prepare your oven for the festivities.

Our oven cleaning service is often booked well in advance of Christmas, so we advise our customers to think about their oven well before the festivities begin. We have a great reputation for oven cleaning and we maintain a consistently high Checkatrade rating of 9.91/10 from over 260 reviews for our business. So why delay, when you can book your oven clean today?

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Swissmaid Can Help You Prepare Your Home For Christmas 2018

We are ready to help you by taking care of your cleaning before Christmas. If you chose Swissmaid and our time-saving professional cleaning services, you will be able to spend more time preparing for the festivities and taking care of the presents, parties and Christmas Dinner.

We have been helping our clients with their cleaning since 2001, earning a reputation for providing a professional and reliable domestic cleaning services. Our Checkatrade rating of 9.91/10 from over 260 reviews is testament to this.