Beware Of These Cleaning Nightmares

It’s Halloween soon, so we thought we would share some cleaning nightmares with you. We’re not going to be talking about ghouls and ghosts though – it will be all about cleaning. Whether you allow a private cleaner or a cleaning agency into your home, you’ll want to watch out for these cleaning nightmares.

When Your Cleaner Damages Or Breaks Something And Doesn’t Have Insurance 

We all damage or break things from time to time. We are only human and accidents can happen to anyone. But imagine this: you receive a call from your cleaner at work and they inform you that they have broken your new laptop. They were cleaning an ornament on the shelf above your laptop, slipped, and now your screen is broken and your laptop is unusable. This in itself should not be a big issue; your cleaner is insured, right? Well, this is not always the case.

In this scenario, you might expect that your cleaner would claim on their insurance policy to cover the damage to your possessions. If they don’t have insurance to claim from, who will pay for the damage that they have caused? Don’t wait until you face a nightmare situation to check that they hold valid insurance.

Clients of Swissmaid can rest assured that we hold full public liability insurance to cover all our cleaning services and cleaners.

You Do Not Check Your Cleaner’s Reviews or References

You have been having issues with your cleaner for some time now. They haven’t been turning up to complete your cleaning and they are not returning your calls. Worse still, even when they do turn up they fail to complete a thorough clean, leaving you out of pocket and with a dirty house.

While this might not be as much of a nightmare as our first situation, it can be inconvenient and equally frustrating. If you pay for a service you should be able to expect to receive a good one.

Unfortunately, if you hired your cleaner without asking to check their reviews and references then you are taking a gamble as to whether they are competent, reliable and trustworthy. You might not have checked any reviews or references and still be lucky enough to find a great cleaner, but is this a gamble that you are prepared to take?

Swissmaid have been a Checkatrade member for over four years. During our membership, we have attained a 9.91/10 rating from over 250 reviews. Our rating provides reassurance to our customers that we provide a great service with cleaners that are competent, reliable and trustworthy.

When Your Cleaner Uses Hazardous Cleaning Products To Clean Your Carpets 

You return home from work to find that your cleaner has used some hazardous cleaning products to clean your carpets. You are rightly concerned about the impact that the products they have used could have on your household.

It is not always easy to identify hazardous cleaning products. If you leave the selection of cleaning to your cleaner you want to be sure that they are using non-hazardous products that will not harm anyone or damage anything in your home.

At Swissmaid, we use the latest advances in cleaning technology to create a safe and environmentally friendly process with non-hazardous cleaning products. We are able to state with confidence that our carpet cleaning service is completely safe for both children and pets.

Avoid Cleaning Nightmares And Let Swissmaid Take Care Of Your Cleaning

We are ready to help you with your cleaning. If you chose us and our ghoulishly good cleaning services, you will be able to avoid any frights and rest assured that your cleaning is being taken care of.

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